Specialist Tongue-tie Practitioner, Midwife and Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

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Dear Parent

We are so pleased that you have found ‘Birth, Baby & You’, and now that you have, we will have the opportunity to support you.  Becoming a parent is one of the most wonderful adventures that you will ever undertake. But it can also be confusing and sometimes challenging.

We will help you sift through the myths and conflicting advice and support you to find a path that is right for you and your new family.
We do this by giving evidence-based support and information, with compassion and understanding, and as many practical tips about becoming a new parent as possible.

Over the years we have supported thousands of families like yours on their parenting journey, helping them feel heard and supported when it comes to making the feeding choices that are right for them.

We look forward to working with you too.

With love,

The Birth, Baby & You Team

Dee Bell

Specialist Tongue-tie Practitioner

Dee lives near Brighton with the fabulous 10-year-old Florence.  She is a registered midwife, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and a Specialist Tongue-Tie Practitioner.

She trained to become a Midwife over 20 years ago and worked within the NHS for over 16 years before leaving to specialise and develop her private practice.  She founded Birth, Baby & You in order to offer a more bespoke service to her clients and give them the expert support and time they really need.

Dee has supported thousands of families with Infant feeding and has carried out literally thousands of tongue-tie releases over the past 14 years as a specialist.  She is one of the most experienced midwives in the field of Infant feeding and Tongue-tie. 

She also has many years of experience as a Midwifery and Infant feeding teacher and facilitator and has bought her knowledge and skills together to produce teaching materials for parents and practitioners wishing to work with expectant and new families.  Providing high-quality Infant feeding information and support to assist families with the care of their newborn.

Diana Moore

Infant Feeding Coach

Diana has worked as an infant feeding support worker in the community since 2017 and now supports family as a tongue tie assistant at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

Di completed the Infant Feeding Coach Programme in December 2022 and with this qualification she is now delivering the two monthly antenatal breastfeeding workshops to local parents that are both informative and entertaining. The feedback is brilliant and the also provides an online presentation for those attending the workshop.

Di supports families with compassion and honesty helping parents to gain the confidence to achieve their feeding goals, understand their baby’s natural behaviour, and how to adapt their plan with confidence to achieve these goals.

Lea Koerber

Infant Feeding Coach

Lea provides Infant Feeding Support to our families based in Sussex and parts of Surrey and Kent, ensuring families have the time and guidance they need to achieve their infant feeding goals.   She will travel to see you in the comfort of your own home, within 45 mins drive of Haywards Health.  Alternatively, you can arrange to be seen at our Infant Feeding Clinic in Tunbridge Wells.

Lea has worked in the field of Infant Feeding since 2009, beginning as a Maternity Care Assistant in Brighton.  Later training to become a Postnatal Doula and then Infant Feeding Coach with The Infant Feeding Academy.

Lea’s gentle, calm and caring manner works wonders to ease the worries of new parents and she has been a joy to work with since joining us in the summer of 2022.  

Sophie Petts-Sabine

Sleep Coach

Sleep Coach - Sophie Petts-Sabine

Sophie is an associate of Birth, Baby & You and through her business ‘Shuteye’ aids exhausted parents to solve young children’s sleep challenges.

Sophie has been a sleep coach since 2015, working with families both in the UK and internationally.  She has personally coached over 1300 tired families and helped get their babies and young children sleeping. 

There is nothing Sophie hasn’t seen but some of the common sleep challenges include: Bedtime battles, night waking, non existent naps, reclaiming your bed, ditching the dummy and jack in the boxes.

Sarah Edwards


Sarah is at the core of our team and holds everything together.  She joined Birth, Baby & You nearly 3 years ago to ‘help with a bit of admin’, but now we are never going to let her go!

She is also a mum of two, now teens, but remembers very well the long days and the wakeful nights with a newborn.  

Sarah always goes above and beyond to support our clients and we could not do our work without her.

We believe

  • Every woman has the right to factual, unbiased information and support to make informed choices about how she feeds her baby.
  • Breastfeeding is about more than just food.
  • With better support more mothers can breastfeed and meet their lactation goals.
  • Breastfeeding is the optimal food for a baby, as it’s uniquely made up of the exact nutrients needed for each individual baby for at least the first six months.
  • The most important things to a child are care, warmth, and love.

Professional background

  • Registered with the CQC (Care Quality Commission).
  • Qualified Midwife registered with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) since 2003.
  • Full member of the Association of Tongue-Tie Practitioners, holding full indemnity insurance with Hiscox Insurers Ltd.
  • Qualified Specialist Tongue-Tie Practitioner, with over 11 years’ experience.
  • NHS Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife and Tongue-Tie Practitioner for a leading hospital in the South East (2008-2016).
  • Highly experienced International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2011, requalifying every 5 years to ensure up-to-date and relevant practice skills.
  • Qualified and experience Paediatric First Aid instructor

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