What is Tongue Tie and how to treat

Tongue Tie Assessment and Division, Sussex and South East

Tongue Tie Treatment (Frenulotomy)

Not all ‘tongue ties’ cause a problem with feeding and can be left. However, if your baby is experiencing feeding problems due to a tight or short frenulum, or you are concerned about future difficulties, it may help to have the ‘tongue tie’ released (divided using a special type of surgical scissors).

As an experienced Lactation Consultant I will carrying out a full breastfeeding assessment. I will assess your baby’s tongue function and advise as to whether the ‘tie’ is likely to be causing the baby feeding difficulties and discuss with you whether you wish to go ahead and have it divided or not.  Appointments are available at a time to suit you and your family. I offer prompt home visits to release the tongue tie and support you with the on-going care of your baby’s feeding.

What is a tongue tie?

A tongue tie (ankyloglossia) refers to a condition in which the thin piece of skin under the baby’s tongue (lingual frenulum) is abnormally short or tight. In some babies this piece of skin is attached too far forward, near the tip of the tongue, or is short and tight which restricts natural movement.

Tongue ties can be classified as full, partial or posterior. How the tongue tie looks is not necessarily an indication of the way the baby can use its tongue. Problems may have been picked up by your midwife or health visitor or you may have noticed it yourself, perhaps when your baby was crying or you may be experiencing difficulty latching the baby on to your breast (See our Breastfeeding Support page for help).

Problems associated with tongue tie may include:

Difficulty with latching the baby on / maintaining the latch

Sore or cracked nipples

Poor weight gain

Frequent or constant feeding

Tongue Tie Assessment and Division, Sussex and South East

Why choose me to help with your baby’s tongue tie?

I have over nine years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of tongue tie running a weekly clinic for the NHS and having divided thousands of tongue ties since my original training with Carolyn Westcott, Midwife IBCLC at Southampton Hospital where the treatment was originally researched and pioneered.

Since going into private practice I have treated 100’s of baby’s in and around London and Sussex and would be happy to chat to you about worries you might have.

Here is an link to an article you might find useful and an excellent YouTube clip that accurately shows you how the simple procedure is carried out.

About Tongue Tie

Watch on YouTube

Post Procedure Wound Care Information

About Lip Tie

Useful websites:

NHS website
La Leche League

Please Get in touch if you would like to discuss your baby and book a Tongue Tie Assessment Appointment. Read more about how the assessment will be carried out.

I work across Sussex including but not limited to Brighton, Hove, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Lewes, Crawley, East Grinstead, Horsham, Worthing, Shoreham-by-Sea, Lancing, Eastbourne, Uckfield, Tunbridge Wells, Steyning and Hastings. I also perform Tongue Tie Assessment and Division in Kent, Surrey and South London.

Tongue Tie Division Fees

£245 London, Surrey and Kent

Tongue Tie assessment and division and feeding support at home 

(No hidden costs.  Includes travel, assessment, division of tongue tie, feeding support and feeding after care plan as needed)

Follow up consultations via Skype  ~ £50 (30 mins) or £85 (one hour, or two 30 min calls paid for at the same time)


Saltdean, Brighton Clinic

Tongue tie assessment only £55 (bottle feeding) (30 mins)

Tongue tie assessment with breastfeeding support £85 (up to 90 mins)

Tongue tie assessment and division ~ £175

(includes support with feeding after division, as needed and take home after care and feeding plan)

If you can not get to us I can see you at home in and around Brighton for a small extra charge.  Visit further afield will incur extra travel charge, to cover travelling time.  Please enquire for details

Please be aware you will need to provide a visitors parking permit if necessary. Parking fees or fines must be reimbursed should they occur.

Read some testimonials here or follow this link to our 5* reviews on facebook

--- We came to see Dee when our baby was a few days old and had a tongue tie. We were told we needed to wait 2 weeks for an appointment at the hospital but Dee was able to see us the same day we contacted her, making time, after work and putting her daughter to bed, to see us. The tongue tie was snipped very quickly and healed really well and the feeding improved almost instantly. Really great service and would highly recommend

- Julie

--- I came across Dee's details after frantically searching the Internet for any information or help regarding a tongue tie division. It was noticed at our 6 week check up that my son had a tongue tie - which was resulting in his frequent feedings and difficulties latching onto his bottle. We were referred via NHS - however after waiting 2 stressful weeks we still had no appointment through and no one answered our phone calls or emails when we tried to get in contact. I contacted Dee and within the hour I had a response which was amazing!! We arranged to meet and had the tongue tie divided that same evening. Dee was amazing both in communication beforehand and in person. We were put at ease straightaway. The procedure was simple and very quick (over within a few seconds). We had a fresh bottle ready for after - in which my son took to immediately (latching onto his bottle perfectly & drinking the most he ever has in one go with ease). We are extremely happy and thankful for all Dee's help and expert advice. I would recommend to anyone. If it wasn't for Dee my son would still be struggling with his feeds and getting very little sleep.

- Charmaine S