Breastfeeding Support, Dee Bell. Crowborough, East Sussex

“If you have any concerns about breastfeeding, just call or message Dee…it was the best thing I did and it saved my sanity and my ability to breastfeed. I knew something was up, it was taking ages to get my baby latched on, he was taking in lots of air and so was in pain with wind, one nipple was destroyed and I needed regular pain relief to breastfeed on that side, and he was slow regaining his birth weight. Despite midwife support I knew something was wrong and Dee immediately diagnosed posterior tongue tie and therefore problems for my baby in latching on and being effective in getting milk….hence the almost non stop feeding. I had to wait 2 weeks for it to be rectified with the NHS and so Dee came back and cut his tongue tie, she was so calm and gentle…I needed it more than he did…he cried more having his nappy changed! Dee also gave me support and advice in helping him to get back to his birth weight with a feeding and top up schedule, supported me to get a good latch which led to instant relief from the pain, and techniques for public breastfeeding. That was at 2 weeks; 10 weeks on he’s gone up a percentile, gained 3lbs in the last 3 weeks and is going up to 8 hours at night between feeds. Without her support my baby would have continued to struggle gaining weight, as his difficulties were not picked up by anyone else, and it’s highly likely that I’d have not been able to continue breastfeeding. I can not thank her enough, and I would recommend her to anyone who would just like a little extra help, or a lot, in navigating the tricky world of Breastfeeding.” Katie F and baby, Crowborough, East Sussex

Breastfeeding advice - Anna Hopson and baby Benjamin, Haywards Heath

“I am so pleased I was recommended Dee for the difficulties we’d been having with feeding our seven week old baby. He had been struggling to gain enough weight due to a vicious cycle between low milk supply and long, inefficient feeds. Having been put on an intense pumping plan, I had lost sight of focusing on the quality of the breastfeeding itself. Within minutes of arriving at Dee’s, she had him giving the best feed since the day he was born, even on my less favoured side. Within half the time as usual, he was satisfied and then spent 45 minutes chirpy and smiling at us both. Since then, I have felt more confident with his latch and positioning, resulting in easier feeding and much less stress for us both. He is now gaining weight well. I would thoroughly recommend an appointment with Dee as early as possible in anyone’s breastfeeding journey.”  Anna H and baby Benjamin, Haywards Heath

Breastfeeding advice - Sanita and baby, Wandsworth, London

“Dee has been an amazing help for me and my baby girl. After 4 weeks of struggle to breastfeed Dee showed us how to do it correctly and most importantly comfortably. She was quick to respond to my cry of help and I don’t know if I would have continued to breastfeed without her help and guidance. Now the feeding is comfortable, pain free and I am even considering to feed in public which I dreaded before. I would recommend Dee of anyone who struggles and finds breastfeeding hard and painful.”  Sanita T and baby, Wandsworth, South London

Breastfeeding support - Sheel P and baby Rudi, Worthing

“Dee is the ‘yoda’ of all things to do with breastfeeding and babies. Her knowledge and guidance was fantastic. Her clear, instructive and patient approach was just what I needed to help me position my baby correctly. She filled me with so much positivity and energy. It was the best phone call I made!”  Sheel P and baby Rudi, Worthing

Lactation services and support - Martina J and babies, Saltdean

“Dee came highly recommended from a friend and she helped me when I hit a low point with my breastfeeding/sleeping around 4 months. I wanted to make sure I was doing it right so I could get back on track. She’s very personable, easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable and at ease. She had a lot of good advice, even about non-breastfeeding related issues such as napping, and was a big help to me and my babies. I would happily recommend Dee to anyone who needs some support in the early days or even later on when, like me, things seem to have gone a little off track.”  Martina J and babies Etta and Aria, Saltdean

Breastfeeding Support Services - Helen E and baby Remi, Lewes

“Thanks to Dee’s personal approach and excellent guidance I turned a corner with breastfeeding and within a very short time my sore nipples healed and I gained confidence in breast feeding as I learnt how to latch my baby properly and keep him feeding actively. What I really like about Dee’s approach is that she takes the time and consideration to listen, observe and then advice you based on your personal circumstances. I wasn’t just told generic information, it felt personal to me and my baby-and it really worked.”  Helen E and baby Remi, Lewes

Lactation Consultant advice - Gemma P, Brighton

“I came with my 8 week old baby who I had been having breastfeeding problems with, mostly a painful latch. She spent time watching me feed him and made some really simple suggestions which made such a massive difference! I honestly thought I was going to have to give up breastfeeding as it was very painful and not enjoyable, but since our meeting I can’t imagine giving up now! Thank you for your help! Xx.” Gemma P, Brighton

“I cannot thank Dee enough, and for us, it has been the best money we have spent. I contacted Dee after becoming concerned about my newborn daughter’s weight loss and feeding. Although I had successfully breastfed before, it had been a while ago and I was quite rusty. As a result I had a feeling that things weren’t right but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Dee arrived just in time, and put us on a feeding schedule that not only improved my daughter’s weight and health, but enabled me to rescue my milk supply (it was almost non-existent). At this point in time my daughter was 3 weeks old. My daughter is now 11 weeks old and exclusively breastfed. Dee had assured me at the time, that there was a very good chance we would achieve this, but I must admit I didn’t believe her as I’d never had any problems before and have 2 older children. The time, care, attention and detail Dee took on our case was just fantastic, and she is by far the most skillful in her field. My daughter has gained all the weight she had lost and is gaining at a healthy rate. Dee has been easily contactable throughout the whole process and I am so pleased we got her in, and so grateful that we have been assisted so well. If you are thinking about getting private support for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to get her in, you won’t be disappointed.”  Tania B, Haywards Heath.

Breastfeeding Support - Katy L, Brighton

“My twin boys were born at 35 weeks and due to being prem, struggled to latch on and breastfeed. We had had lots of support and advice, and everyone told us that “it would come” but to persevere with expressing my milk in the meantime. After 7 weeks of being unable to get the boys to latch and feeling exhausted from the 3 hourly feeds that with feeding 2 and expressing, took 2 hours, not leaving me much time to sleep, I decided to get some expert help as a last ditch attempt to see if I could breastfeed. Another mum of twins I’d met at an antenatal class had mentioned Dee so I got her contact details and made contact. Dee got back to me that day and we arranged for her to come over the next day. From the moment she arrived, I felt relaxed and confident in her abilities. She made me feel listened to, and reassured that I wasn’t being silly that I hadn’t yet managed to breastfeed. she helped me position each baby and showed me how to hold them and my nipple to get the correct latch and within a few minutes, both boys had latched on and were breastfeeding.
Dee’s follow-up is fantastic, she always gets right back to you and is very realistic with her advice, she looks at what’s best for you as a mum, not just baby. I am combination feeding my twins and I never felt judged by Dee for choosing that route. I know that without her I would have given up attempting to feed as nobody was proactively helping, and she showed me techniques that nobody else had mentioned but worked brilliantly. I am incredibly grateful to Dee for helping me to breastfeed and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Don’t give up breastfeeding without at least talking to her!”  Katie L, Brighton

Lactation Consultant services - Louise G, Brighton

“Dee was a total miracle worker when I was struggling to feed without toe curling pain. With the best will in the world, NHS midwives could only give me helpful tips during my half hour check-ins with them and then had to leave me to it. It made such a difference having Dee sit with me for an hour and a half helping me until I got the hang of things. That one visit changed everything for the better and feeding stopped hurting straight away. Couldn’t recommend her more”  Louise G, Brighton.

Breastfeeding Support - Sussex, South East

“Thank you so much for your help and advice, it has been invaluable. It was very helpful to understand what actually makes a good latch as the midwives kept telling me he had a good latch but I didn’t know why so I couldn’t make sure we maintained it. My supply has been so consistent since we’ve been nursing the way you’ve suggested and we totally regained our sanity since we do feeds and breaks…..”

10 months later…..

“I am still breastfeeding Hugo who is 10 months now, it is going well. He does all sorts of gymnastics now, not the perfect cradle hold you taught me! I hope to nurse him until he self-weans but am aiming for 2 years. I am still avoiding dairy, soya and eggs. He had positive challenges to all three and also seems to react to tomatoes and almonds (through my milk). He still gets some reflux but we have learnt how to manage it. I had an appointment with a paediatric dietician at the Royal Alex and she recommended we start the milk ladder and the soya ladder trying to build up his tolerance when he is 18 months old. I am looking forward to eating cheese again!

Of course you can use my words from that email! I am so grateful for the support you gave me at a very difficult time. I have since talked to lots of people who’s babies had/have silent reflux and/or food intolerances and they are often surprised at how quickly we got it sorted. This was thanks to you. Many people seem to get bad advice from their GPs or Health Visitors in this field of breastfeeding issues where they are understandably not expert. I am so glad we didn’t go down the route of tests, drugs, or hypoallergenic formula. I have recommended you to lots of friends that they should see you or another lactation consultant in the early days before any issues even arise as the breastfeeding advice and support out there can be so variable.” Ellen L and baby Hugo, Lancing.

Tongue Tie

Tongue Tie Assessment and Division - Jen S and Baby Fearn, Burgess Hill

“Thank you to Dee for taking the time to listen to my concerns about my daughters tongue tie. She was able to help me make an informed decision to go for the snip. I would recommend her to any other mums in a similar position.Jen S and Baby Fearn, Burgess Hill

Breastfeeding support for Michelle W and Baby Elysia, Barcombe, Kent

“After being told it would be a 14 week wait to get my babies tongue tie assessed I contacted Dee. We had struggled with an effective latch and her weight was dropping on the centile chart. Dee was amazing I called late afternoon on a Friday and she discussed the issues and gave advise on the phone and arranged to visit Monday morning. Dee proficiently dealt with the tongue tie and then focused on positioning. Dee explained everything so well and took the time to ensure that feeding was going well. Feeding has been so much better since & less than 2 weeks later Elysia’s weight is on the up. The service Dee provides is priceless. Thank you Dee.”  Michelle W and Baby Elysia, Barcombe, Kent

I came across Dee’s details after frantically searching the Internet for any information or help regarding a tongue tie division. It was noticed at our 6 week check up that my son had a tongue tie which was resulting in his frequent feedings and difficulties latching onto his bottle. We were referred via NHS – however after waiting 2 stressful weeks we still had no appointment through and no one answered our phone calls or emails when we tried to get in contact. I contacted Dee and within the hour I had a response which was amazing!! We arranged to meet and had the tongue tie divided that same evening.  Dee was amazing both in communication beforehand and in person. We were put at ease straightaway. The procedure was simple and very quick (over within a few seconds). We had a fresh bottle ready for after, which my son took to immediately (latching onto his bottle perfectly & drinking the most he ever has in one go with ease). We are extremely happy and thankful for all Dee’s help and expert advice. I would recommend to anyone. If it wasn’t for Dee my son would still be struggling with his feeds and getting very little sleep.”  Charmaine S. and baby Logan, East Grinstead

“Dee came to see our son and assess his tongue tie having been passed her number by a friend who had recommended her service. Our son had weight gain issues. She went above and beyond to get out to us in Kent. We found the service she provided invaluable and we have not looked back. Dee spent time with us, helping with different tips and techniques to improve the latch and severed the tongue tie! I only wish we’d got Dee out to us sooner. Thank you! ”  Bonnie and baby Caleb, Edenbridge, Kent

Tongue Tie assessment and division - Victoria and Baby Rex, Crawley

“From the moment I contacted Dee and she was able to text me helpful advice from the motorway (not whilst driving!) I felt this was someone who genuinely cared.

My newborn had a tongue tie that had resulted in feeding being so painful I was having to express every feed to give my nipples a break. It was a stressful time as the NHS appointment for a tongue tie assessment was weeks away.

Dee came to our house, sorted the tongue tie, but also made the positioning and latch go so well, it was the best feed I’d given him since he was born. It made the difference between me completely giving up on breastfeeding and me feeling like it was all going to be ok! I’d definitely recommend her to other mums”  Victoria and Baby Rex, Crawley

Tongue Tie Assessment and Division - Julie B and baby, Brighton

“We came to see Dee when our baby was a few days old and had a tongue tie. We were told we needed to wait 2 weeks for an appointment at the hospital but Dee was able to see us the same day we contacted her, making time, after work and putting her daughter to bed, to see us. The tongue tie was snipped very quickly and healed really well and the feeding improved almost instantly. Really great service and would highly recommend.” Julie B and baby, Brighton

“Our son was born with a tongue tie and Dee was absolutely brilliant helping us sorting it out very quickly. We also got lots of support and advice regarding breastfeeding which was very helpful. Thank you so much!!” Anna L and baby Oscar, Horsham

“I was despairing, I’d had so many conflicting messages from several midwives and health visitors about my LB having a tongue tie. He is my second child and breastfeeding had been easy with my first so I took for granted that this one would be too. He was really fussy to latch but was gaining weight. I called Dee who came out the next day, she sat with me and went through everything, confirmed no tongue tie and taught us how to latch on properly with different options. I spoke to Dee about loads of things to do with my newborn and I went away feeling so much better and ready to go for it again. I would recommend Dee in an instant not just for breastfeeding queries but general concerns you have when you have your newborn. Thank you, he’s still sucking away and is gaining weight really well. Hannah B and Baby Otis, Eastbourne

Parent First Aid Courses

Baby and Child First Aid Course - Jane, Brighton

“I had Dee round to our flat for a private first aid course with seven other couples. We had a great afternoon, most importantly learning but in an easy to understand relaxed format with babies roaming wild and practising their own CPR techniques on the manikins! Highly recommend that anyone does this course. Dee covers all the basics and things you may not have even considered, she really knows her stuff and leaves you feeling confident that you can handle any emergency situation.” Jane, Brighton

Baby and Child First Aid Course - Lynn D, Hove

“Joined a first aid course with Dee as I wanted to be educated should I ever need for my little boy and also in my photography business. Dee was fantastic, she shared her knowledge, but managed to keep the day light hearted too, and contend with our group with lots of babies present. Thanks so much” Lynn D, Hove

Child First Aid Course - First aid abc - Eda M, Brighton

“We really liked the way she taught us. She has an excellent knowledge about the course! You definitely don’t get bored as she does make you laugh as well as she makes you understand how important it is to have first aid course knowledge and practice in the event of an accident! Also the ways that you can prevent your kid getting choked and etc…Absolutely recommended!” Eda M, Brighton

Lactation Consultant services - Louise G, Brighton

“I took this course as realised after having my baby that I didn’t have a clue what to do if she needed first aid. Dee is a brilliant teacher – knowledgeable, approachable and funny. Her course is well-structured and really engaging, balancing theory with practical skills. It’s definitely left me feeling more equipped and confident should I need to use first aid in future.” Louise G. and Baby Esther, Brighton

“My husband and I attended Dee’s first aid course on the 1st November. We both found everything fantastic, Dee was so friendly and explained everything from a professional and a personal ‘mum’ point of view. It was so useful and reassuring to walk away feeling so much more confident about what to do in most situations. I have attended a children’s first aid course 4 years ago, so this was a brilliant refresher and although we hope we never need to use most of it – we both feel Dee has given us enough to be able to help our children, and others if we ever need to! Thanks so much, and we’ll be back in a year to refresh our minds again! We will spread the word to recommend this course!” Debbie, Hove

“I thoroughly enjoyed Dee’s course, I found it really useful and loved how easy it was to absorb all the information, Dee made us feel very welcome and I think its ideal for anyone who needs first aid training, would highly recommend!”  Sally, Brighton

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